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About Us

Starboard Innovations, L.L.C. is a licensed professional engineering services firm headquartered in the New York metro region. Our consultants are located worldwide with regional offices in Dallas, Boston, and Zurich, Switzerland. Our team of engineers is built around a core of MIT alumni with roots in aeronautics and astronautics. For over fifteen years, our advanced technical background has been applied across the aerospace, energy, chemical, and manufacturing industries.

Our mission is to provide outstanding engineering services that strengthen our clients' bottom lines. A commitment to customer satisfaction is what drives our work and a passion for technology and innovation is what delivers unparalleled results.

At Starboard, we believe in building professional relationships over the long-term. Our team is recruited from former classmates and colleagues whose work we admire and whose integrity we believe in. These relationships, some built over two decades, have led to a well-oiled, cohesive group excited to tackle each and every engineering challenge.

We bring this same philosophy to our clients. Starboard strives to create strategic partnerships that complement our clients’ varied in-house operations. Depending on the project, we can serve as an R&D arm, a forensic team, a turnkey product developer, or a think tank. We also help our clients dispatch shorter term projects from performance characterizations to IP research. Whatever the need, we approach every project with the same level of fervor and commitment to delivering smart, engineering solutions.


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