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Innovation is part of our name for a reason, and we do it very well. It requires a layered understanding of the space we are working in, the ability to articulate myriad requirements, and the experience to find the best way to move a vision from concept to reality. Our multidisciplinary teams work within a structured development framework and set the bar high to bring the best ideas to our clients’ product lineups.

We can start from the drawing board, invigorate a stalled project, or rejuvenate a project that was thought to have run its course. Our creativity, in conjunction with our proven engineering expertise, makes all the difference.

Related Capabilities:

  • Turnkey product development
  • Simulation of complex mechanical/fluid/thermal systems
  • Software design
  • Mechanical system design and simulation
  • Mathematical modeling analysis
  • Sensor, actuator, and mechanism design, integration
  • Electromechanical systems, actuation
  • Magnetics and fiber optics
  • Characterization and qualification testing
  • Advanced materials
  • Embedded electronics, signal conditioning
  • Complex analysis and data management
  • Systems integration testing
  • Fluid-structure simulation
  • IP generation and development
  • Downhole tools

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