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Intellectual Property

Starboard believes that writing an intellectual property plan is an important part of the product development process. We help our clients understand prior art, identify opportunities for maximum IP protection, and work to prevent competitors from gaining ground. We enhance understanding of concepts, expand embodiments, and broaden claims to strengthen patent applications. Starboard also helps our clients defend claims during legal proceedings.

The IP process is about extracting maximum value from ideas, and we have the technical expertise to help our clients achieve this goal.

IP Capabilities:

  • Innovation and conception
  • Patent application support
  • Prior art searches
  • Development of embodiments
  • Demonstrative simulations
  • Infringement analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Trade secret evaluation

Related Work

Trade Secret Theft

Trade Secret Theft

Supported and testified as an expert witness, helping to result in a positive outcome for our client: complex analysis, patent evaluation, forensic technical data evaluation, & documentation.

Dynamic Simulation Software

Dynamic Simulation Software

Custom software tool for pre-job simulation of perforating gun detonation: ground-up development, custom part library, structural and fluid response, & surface testing for calibration.

Subsea Job Failure Analysis

Downhole Job Failure Analysis

Investigation of GOM oil production job involving a large gun system that laterally parted: reviewed client analysis & metallurgy analysis & developed new job-specific analysis.

Helicopter Vibration Control

Helicopter Vibration Control

Three projects to reduce transmission of engine vibration to fuselage and to pilot and isolate sensitive UAV payload: research, design, & full-scale vibration testing.


Innovation and conception

Developing new ideas & generating concepts & embodiments.


Patent application support

Technical support for drafting including detailed description of the invention, description of the related art, generation of CAD concept models, & development of claims.


Prior art searches

Search for and analysis of relevant patents, technical literature, on-line sources, & competitive products.


Development of embodiments

Design of embodiments to expand patent description & claims.


Demonstrative simulations

Simulation of concept performance to provide support for description & claims


Infringement analysis

Evaluation of prior art & technical support for determination of freedom to operate.


Competitive analysis

Evaluation of competitor products, specifications, & functionality.


Trade secret evaluation

Technical evaluation of company trade secrets.


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