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Problem Solving

A proven strong-point of our company is the ability to solve problems for our clients. We excel at critical thinking, identifying the root cause, and efficiently pursuing the best path forward. There are often many ways to solve a problem, but we are relentless in our pursuit of the proper solution.

The proper solution will unlock more innovation and expand the potential of your product. Starboard is dedicated to solving problems, but our true passion is to turn problems into advantages for our clients. Take your weakness and make it your strength.

Related Capabilities:

  • Systems design
  • Structural dynamics: impact, shock, vibration
  • Finite element analysis
  • Advanced materials
  • Experimental characterization and validation studies
  • Simulation of complex mechanical / fluid / thermal systems
  • Complete system prototyping
  • Custom analysis software
  • Failure investigation, analysis, and remediation
  • Design for extreme environments
  • Control systems, neural nets
  • Custom test cells

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