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Starboard believes the design and building of prototypes is a critical step in both tool and product development. We also believe there is tremendous cost importance to quick turnaround for proof-of-concept data. And the value of a full-system technology demonstration cannot be quantified.

We are highly skilled in prototyping complex systems and products. We utilize a range of tools and talents to continually enhance, troubleshoot, and test our concepts. This process includes many stages: hardware integration, sensor development, electronics design, material selection, component integration and packaging, and assembly.

Starboard’s development philosophy seeks to identify technical risks early in a development process and appropriately use prototyping, in conjunction with simulation and testing, to abate the incidence of surprise down the line.

Prototyping Capabilities:

  • Mechanical components and devices
  • Electronics
  • Firmware
  • Software packages
  • Complete products and systems
  • Test apparatus

Related Work

Thru-Tubing Bridge Plug

Thru-Tubing Bridge Plug

Award-winning, high-expansion ratio with elastomer retainers, slips, & centralizers for thru-tubing applications: design, prototype, & deployment simulation.

Downhole Acoustic Telemetry

Downhole Acoustic Telemetry

Supported the development of two structural acoustic telemetry systems: design, firmware development, prototyping, testing, data analysis, & performance evaluation.
(Photo of Halliburton's Dynalink® telemetry system)

Downhole Sensing Tool

Downhole Sensing Tool

Shock-hardened, 12-channel load, pressure, and acceleration sensing tool with embedded electronics: conception, design, fabrication, & testing.

Active Helicopter Rotors

Active Helicopter Rotors

Developed integral blade twist and on-blade actuation for vibration reduction: piezoelectric actuator development, design and fabrication of composite rotor blades, & prototyping.


Mechanical components and devices

Fabrication, inspection, vendor management, & complete assembly of parts.



Multi-layer board layout, fabrication, inspection, assembly, packaging, wire harnesses, system integration, functional & performance characterization.



Turnkey embedded firmware development, bootloaders, diagnostics, & unit/regression testing.


Software packages

Custom user interfaces, web applications, LabVIEW executables, C++, Java, Visual Basic, databases, & installation packages.


Complete products and systems

Fabrication and assembly of mechanical, electrical, magnetic, optical, & complete systems.


Test apparatus

Fabrication & assembly of test hardware, electronics, controllers, data acquisition systems, & automation software.


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