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ShockSim3D Perforating Simulation Software and Shock Sensing Sub

Starboard’s client, Halliburton, has recently launched a number of products that were developed for them. We proposed and developed ShockSim3D modeling software and the Shock Sensing Sub downhole tool for Halliburton in order to help understand and prevent perforating gun failures. Halliburton has been successfully using these products internally and is now marketing them to their clients. Together, the software and hardware have advanced their understanding of the behavior of these complex systems.

ShockSim3D is a software tool that simulates both the response of the downhole toolstring and wellbore fluids during the detonation of perforating guns. The software predicts pressure and flow velocities inside the guns and in the wellbore. The software also predicts the stresses and motion of the toolstring. The results enable users to identify high risk regions that could result in failure. The software enables job designers to evaluate risk and make changes to mitigate high-risk areas before jobs are run. In addition, the product is used as an in-depth failure investigation tool that can accurately identify the mode of failure and clearly explain the cause.

In order to validate the software, the Shock Sensing Sub (SSS) downhole tool was developed. This tool has been run in wells worldwide to collect data from within the perforating gun string, deep within an oil well, during the detonation of the shaped charges. The SSS records loads, dynamic pressure, acceleration, and temperature at 100 kHz and provides a check on model predictions. In addition, the SSS has become a valuable tool for providing reservoir engineers with critical data on the perforating process because of the speed and proximity of the sensors to the perforations. The Halliburton Perforating Evaluation Tool (HPET) was developed by Halliburton as a revision of the SSS tool with identical performance and capabilities.

Halliburton and Starboard have co-authored a number of conference papers on these products and now Halliburton is releasing product datasheets. Please follow the links below for more information and see our Publications and Patents pages for additional documentation.



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