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Technology Development

Technology is constantly evolving, and we make sure our clients are keeping up the pace. Starboard believes new technologies can be game changers. We help our clients understand and optimize new technologies while broadening their capabilities.

We determine new pathways for technology and prove and advance technology readiness before developing and integrating that technology into our clients’ visions and products. The Starboard team has the expertise, experience, and capabilities to qualify, characterize, and optimize new technologies.

Related Capabilities:

  • Mechanical system design and simulation
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Complete systems prototyping
  • Custom test cells
  • Electromechanical systems, actuation
  • Sensor integration and system design
  • Development of patent embodiments
  • Advanced materials
  • Complex analysis and data management
  • Multi-physics simulations
  • Extreme environments design
  • Characterization and qualification testing
  • Analysis of competitor IP
  • Custom analysis software
  • Magnetics and fiber optics
  • Hardware, software, and firmware development
  • Integration into commercial products

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