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Successful testing is a result of extensive planning, optimizing resources, and developing a clear understanding of results. This is true for testing at any phase of the project. Our team will work with you, using our experience and expertise, to execute a test program for your product.

The benefit of Starboard’s testing abilities goes far beyond the testing itself. We can design a customized test cell specific to your needs. We integrate sensors and effectively use instrumentation and data acquisition to ensure that all critical aspects of a test can be observed. We can use test data in conjunction with computer simulations to analyze and validate results. We can help get your product field tested and field proven.

Testing Capabilities:

  • Qualification
  • Performance characterization
  • Systems integration
  • Field trials
  • Custom test cells

Related Work

Downhole Sensing Tool

Downhole Sensing Tool

Shock-hardened, 12-channel load, pressure, & acceleration sensing tool with embedded electronics: conception, design, fabrication, & testing.

Part Qualification Testing

Part Qualification Testing

Long duration, 2+ million cycle, simulated harsh environment testing: design, fabrication, assembly, testing, data acquisition, & documentation.

Downhole Acoustic Telemetry

Downhole Acoustic Telemetry

Supported the development of two structural acoustic telemetry systems: design, firmware development, prototyping, testing, data analysis, & performance evaluation.
(Photo of Halliburton's Dynalink® telemetry system)

Aircraft Crashworthy Design

Aircraft Crashworthy Design

Novel crash energy attenuation mechanisms & energy absorber elements for commercial aircraft seats: design, development, full-scale crash test, & data analysis.



Demonstrate system & subsystem functionality against & beyond requirements; typical & atypical use cases; bench/laboratory testing over full range of operating conditions including temperature, pressure, shock, vibration, & mechanical loading.


Performance characterization

Measure system & subsystem performance characteristics, e.g., sensor sensitivities, actuation thresholds, & acoustic telemetry range; generate calibration datasets.


Systems integration

Demonstrate full functionality of a system in a controlled, simulated operating environment, typically tethered for diagnostic monitoring.


Field trials

Demonstrate full autonomous functionality of a system in its true operating environment.


Custom test cells

Simulated harsh environments, fatigue, accelerated life, reduced or full scale, & subsystem or full system.


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