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Starboard believes that successful testing is a result of extensive planning, resource optimization, and a clear, unbiased view of results. All of this must occur in realistic operating conditions and environments which are critical elements for characterization and qualification. Often, testing is required at multiple phases of a design process.

Our engineering abilities go well beyond the tests themselves. We design test cells, tailored to our clients’ needs. We integrate sensors and effectively use instrumentation and data acquisition to ensure that all critical aspects of a test are observable and measurable. We vet all of our testing output and then deliver an analysis of the information that extracts all critical performance data.

Related Capabilities:

  • Integrated system testing
  • Experimental calibration and verification
  • Custom test cell design
  • Performance characterization testing
  • Qualification testing
  • Bench testing
  • Thermal, vibration, mechanical loading, pressure
  • Field trials
  • Simulated harsh environments
  • Fatigue testing
  • Accelerated life testing
  • Reduced or full-scale testing
  • Subsystem or full-system testing

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