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Our value proposition is clear: We boost our clients’ bottom lines through the delivery of superb-quality, efficient, and innovative solutions to all their engineering needs. Here are some ways we have added value for our clients through the years.


Profit Generation
Starboard helps our clients develop products that generate major long-term profits. This type of value is self-explanatory, and we enjoy hearing about this success as we work on subsequent projects.

Cost Efficiency
Starboard has a proven record of achieving results for our clients faster, more efficiently, and with better quality than is often possible through in-house methods. This agility is the result of our lean team and multidisciplinary expertise.

Product Recovery
Starboard has saved many products from technical and, ultimately, commercial failure by identifying obstacles and solving the difficult engineering challenges at hand. Redesign and redeployment have not only saved products, but also added value to our clients’ portfolios.

Starboard’s expert testimony and analyses have helped our clients achieve positive litigation and settlement outcomes and protected them from future expense.

Starboard helps our clients reduce liability in failure negotiations by correctly identifying root causes of failure as well as verifying proper core design through analysis and testing.

Risk Mitigation
Starboard develops products through simulation and analysis as well as through well-planned and thorough testing. This helps identify and reduce risks early in the development process, saving our clients both time and money.

Intellectual Property
Starboard strengthens and expands our clients’ IP assets through our technical experience and expertise.


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